Being a military spouse, I am unfamiliar with all of the services this area has to offer so when I started searching for a doula I had to rely on online reviews. Holly seemed to be the perfect fit for what I was looking for, and she really was. Between Holly’s expertise and the package perks I made out like a bandit! Holly’s support throughout my labor helped me to focus and get through each contraction. –Jamie Lynn B.

For everything that Holly did for me and my husband, her knowledge- everything; I would easily pay more than what she charged. I had a rough birth, and she were there the whole time. Three days filled with tons of questions and uncertainties and she were there every step of the way. –Dolphin D.

Holly has an incredible way of making you feel welcome, comfortable and empowered. I hoped to have a natural birth, and that was possible thanks to her amazing encouraging words and all the wonderful information and experience she brought. I tend to be non confrontational and passive when it comes to my own comfort but Holly was always advocating for me and baby, and encouraged me to do what’s right for myself. Even when that meant switching from my Dr. to midwives at about 34 weeks, which was HANDS DOWN best decision I ever made!  I have never felt so empowered or as strong as I did after labor/birth. I don’t know if I would’ve been able to have that same wonderful birth experience without her. And she is so incredibly dedicated to her clients, always. Her family is extremely supportive of her career as well and that makes a whole world of difference in her ability to be as wonderful as she is.  –Marinda M.

I went through my pregnancy with severe depression, and Holly was there any time I had any questions and put me at ease.  Having a doula was absolutely worth every penny. Holly went above and beyond. She were there for me no matter how many times I felt like I might be going into labor. I was incredibly grateful to have her with me through a very emotional pregnancy and labor. –Selena G.

We decided to interview several doulas since we were overwhelmed with the amount of great doulas in the area. Holly was our first doula we interviewed. She was so friendly, outgoing, and answered all my questions honestly. I’m sure I asked her the same 100 questions every new mom does but Holly was eager to answer all of them and so helpful. After we left, my husband and I both agreed we wanted to hire her immediately. We cancelled all our other interviews and called Holly immediately. You truly don’t realize how beneficial and cost worthy having a doula is until the big day and days following. I had little help with latching in the hospital and was very engorged. Holly got us through it all. She was available for text, calls, and swinging by in person. Holly never gave up on me. She did so many things from oils, stretching, TENS unit, circuits, squats, breathing, using a ball, using wraps, and incorporating both my husband and herself. We got through the hardest and most rewarding day of my life.  –Maria K.


Initially we chose to hire Holly because of the “what ifs”. Our first child was born after a pretty fast labor and out doula arrived basically in time for me to push. My husband and I did fine as a team and we had a great nurse who was there to help me through transition. We figured we could handle a second birth on our own should it go as smoothly but there was always the worry that if a complication arouse and labor was prolonged, we might want help to stick with my plan of a natural childbirth. While my labor did end up going smoothly, we were so glad to have Holly as an extra member of our support team! She was such a calming presence and helped my husband to better help me. Apart from the wonderful birth experience, I was really impressed with the prenatal visit we had from Holly. Having given birth about 2.5 years prior, my husband and I didn’t want to spend the time and money on a full blown childbirth class. This prenatal visit perfectly fit our need for a refresher course while allowing us to get to know Holly. We were also surprised at how comfortable we were with her right from the start. She quickly felt like a friend.  –Tara W.


I decided to interview doulas when my husband and I realized he would not be able to attend the birth of our first child due to a deployment. I knew I needed someone in the room with knowledge of the labor and delivery process who could care for and support me. Upon meeting Holly, I immediately liked her positive outlook and sincerity. During our first pre-labor meeting, I learned that she is also a well-spring of knowledge and she easily answered my litany of questions. She assuaged any fears and made me more confident regarding labor, delivery, and breastfeeding by addressing my concerns, educating, and supporting my birth plan decisions. A month before my due-date, my husband asked, “What’s a doula really do, why is it so expensive?” I already knew Holly’s worth from the pre-labor meeting; I knew I would have someone smart and caring there in the delivery room with me. Post-delivery, I cannot now imagine going through labor and delivery without a doula, and specifically Holly. She intuitively responded to my every need before I ever even had the time or energy to think that I could not handle the birth naturally. Throughout the entire process, she was professional, caring, and calm. I have whole-heartedly recommended her services already to another mom-to-be and will definitely call her for the birth of a second child.  –Kari L.

In having our first child my wife and I knew we faced a difficult challenge ahead. A neighbor suggested that we get a doula. At first we didn’t even know what’s doula was let alone that we would even want one. Yet, after doing some research on the benefits of having a doula, namely a safe natural birth, we checked around. We interviewed a few doulas, and even went to a doula meet and but none had the warmth and caring  of Holly. She made our birthing experience a truly smooth and joyous event. My wife and I couldn’t have done it without her. My mom, who initially balked at the idea of a doula, agreed that a doula made the experience a thousand times easier for all. If you are having a child then definitely hire holly! Oh and her rates were 200-300 less than other doulas!  -Umar A.


I chose a doula because, although I’d given birth once before, this would be my first natural childbirth, and I felt I needed all the support I could get. I wanted my husband for emotional support, but I also wanted someone there who would be objective, supportive and knowledgeable who could assure me that everything I was feeling was normal, and who would know how to offer physical and emotional comfort as well. I think that without a doula, I would have given up, thinking that the pain was too intense.  With Holly’s support and encouragement, I had more confidence in myself and my abilities. I loved how easy it was to relate to her – it felt like we’d known each other for a long time even though we’d just met her! –Megan J.

I chose to hire Holly because she just has a very sweet personality and that is what you want during such a trying time. It is relaxing. I felt so vulnerable and it was nice having someone feel so sure. Holly made me feel very secure in my decisions. –Jessica S.

From a husband and father’s perspective, I was unsure what a doula could provide my wife during the birth experience.  Though admittedly a bit of a skeptic, because I am in the military and we don’t have any family nearby, I was willing to give her all of the support I could.  Most importantly, after a miserable experience with an epidural with our first child (and Pitocin, and some of the future breastfeeding complications that presented), my wife was determined to deliver naturally.  So, we needed to decide on a doula.  So… what does a doula do?  We attended a “Meet the Doula night” in Olympia, and got our first round of questions answered.  After that, we met with each doula individually to discuss our situation, expectations for the birth, and so on.  While it was difficult to choose one doula over another (honestly, they all seemed great), we both felt a connection to Holly.  She seemed down-to-earth, and genuinely interested in helping to provide us with a positive birth experience.  After our brief intro meeting in our home, she came for her first visit.  We discussed in detail what kind of birth we wanted (and what kind we’d had before), and Holly had us run through different potential scenarios — a kind of trial run of “what ifs” — which, from my perspective, was very helpful.  I felt more prepared for the unknown, which put me at ease.  I told my wife after that first meeting, “I totally understand why people hire doulas now,” because it was so obvious to me how much she helped with information, encouragement, and her soothing presence.  She was attentive, calling my wife and checking in, answering questions, etc.  As the big day drew near, we discussed the communication plan and got clear on the finer points.  Because my wife was pretty far along already, we were sent straight from one of her later appointments to the hospital.  I called Holly, and she was soon there.  She set up an aroma diffuser and some e-candles, and created a tone in the room which really affected how the nurses and staff interacted with us.  They spoke more softly, and seemed gentler.  Holly provided advice to my wife through the more painful contractions — where in her body to release tension, how to allow the natural process to flow — while she provided me a stabilizing force to look to for reassurance and the occasional tension-breaking wisecrack.   (Hey, I’m a guy.)  She was great, and before I knew it, I watched my wife participate in the miracle of giving life.  Our daughter was born naturally, and my wife did so well.  I feel we owe a great deal of that to Holly.  From her calm nature, to her words of wisdom, to the level of her intuitive understanding of the birth process, I feel our experience was made more special because of her involvement.  I wouldn’t have traded her for any other doula, and the cost was really an afterthought considering what she brought to our special day.Brian J.

While planning for the birth of our first child, Holly entered the picture and gave an emotional support to both my partner and I that was invaluable. While I had found a great medical support; I soon found that there was a void that could only be filled with a confident and caring doula, and that was Holly. Suddenly a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. I initially chose Holly as my doula because of her intrinsic passion for the birthing process. Holly truly cared and made sure that I was educated about my pregnancy and birth so that I could feel confident and prepared to make informed decisions towards the best outcome for myself and child. She also made sure that she knew my intentions for the birth, and supported me in my opinions and desires. In the days before the birth I struggled with back labor pains. Holly came to my house and taught me The Miles Circuit to help turn my baby around and relieve my back labor. Holly had the resources to help me when I didn’t have the information or tools.  On the night of Sequoyah’s birth, my partner called Holly in a panic as my water had broken. Holly was a calm and confident source of support as she came to us quickly, and assisted us to the birthing center. Her work as a doula complimented the medical work of my midwife, and support of my partner.  Holly made sure that my comfort and emotional needs were met. As we had planned before the birth, Holly took photos for us, used essential oils to help calm me and soothe my nausea, and massage was used to help alleviate the pain of contractions. Holly made sure that I stayed hydrated, and gave me encouragement during the intense moments of labor. I’m so glad that we decided to hire Holly as our doula, and would recommend her to any friends that are looking for a caring, friendly and understanding support! My birth was a beautiful experience and wouldn’t have been the same without the support that we found in her.   -Crystal J.

My baby boy was born Nov 10 2013. We hired Holly Reed as our doula and it was the best decision we could have made. Holly was by my side every step of the way and I made a life long friend. Holly was unbelievably supportive and never judgmental not only did she give me comfort and knowledge but help support and coach my boyfriend as well. It was an amazing experience and I highly recommend her. I know that if and when we have baby number 2 I can’t imagine doing the birth without her! -Katie S.

“Holly’s knowledge and presence during our birth process from start to finish was so helpful and made my first experience of having a baby such a positive event! She provided me with the tools to achieve my goal of a delivery with no pain medication through optimal positioning, breathing techniques and counter pressure. She also helped my husband keep his focus and composure, and showed him techniques he could do to support me through my contractions.  Her unwavering support thru the whole process and how she passed no judgment with any of my decisions on my birth process helped me achieve the birth experience I was hoping for.” -Maylena R.

“Holly is one of my dearest friends and I can not say enough for how much love and support she was for me during my pregnancy, birth and postpartum.  Holly started out by helping me with a lot of  knowledge and information about VBAC’s.  Without all of this I do not feel I would have been able to achieve my goal of having a VBAC.  I jumped at the chance to have Holly assist my doula when she asked.  During transition in labor Holly’s soft words of encouragement, very hard pressure on my back and all the pictures she took were priceless!  She listened to what I needed and was there to help me get it.  I would recommend her to anyone looking for a doula, this is definitely her calling.”– Meghan S.