How will you remember you baby's birth day?

As the big day gets closer, you may find yourself concerned about the details, like: Will your partner know how to provide you with the support you need? What if your pain is out of control? What will you do once the nurse leaves the room? What if your care provider pushes for more interventions than you’re comfortable with?

The good news is a doula’s effectiveness is backed by research (yay science)! Did you know, studies have proven pregnant people who have a doula experience better outcomes and report more positive birth experiences than those without?  In fact, birthing parents who’ve had a doula were less likely to have augmented labors and less likely to have a cesarean birth.  Even ACOG has sites having a doula at your birth as a way to help safely prevent cesarean births in first time mothers. Want to explore the data more? Check out The Evidence for Doulas here, or print out this free handout to share with others here!

You may be wondering,”but what if I want an epidural?” That’s okay!  A doula isn’t just for those who plan on a totally unmedicated birth. Doula’s are trained in safe and effective labor positions that will still allow for optimal positioning of your baby, even if you’ve had an epidural.  It’s your birth, your way, and you get to decide what is right for you!

What does a doula actually do? I get this question A. LOT. During our prenatal meet-ups, we work together to help you and your partner feel confident in preparing and planning for the birth of your baby.  Having a doula as part of your birth team ensures that you have continuous, knowledgeable support for you and your partner throughout your whole labor experience… even the marathon labors!  As a professional doula, I am trained in providing physical and emotional comfort measures and will be by your side from the time you call me to come, until you are comfortably feeding your little one in your arms!

Many people are concerned about what their partner’s role will be if they hire a doula. Doulas aren’t just for the pregnant person; this worry is one you can rest easy about. A doula could never replace your partner!  Having a doula allows your partner to provide the perfect amount of support they are comfortable with; whether they’re the shirt-off-in-the-birthing-tub type or the head-of-the-bed-hand-holder (or somewhere in between), a doula can increase your partner’s labor technique repertoire or help take the pressure off of them to have all the answers.

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Holly helped my husband keep his focus and composure, and showed him techniques he could do to support me through my contractions. Her unwavering support thru the whole process and how she passed no judgment with any of my decisions on my birth process helped me achieve the birth experience I was hoping for.”

-Maylena R.